Super Dukkah

Dukkah is an Egyptian side dish, and contains spices, nuts, and herbs. Use it as a dry dip for bread/roast potatoes/chips, sprinkle on salads/stews, mix with breadcrumbs and spread onto mustard covered lamb and roast, its really versatile and is absolutely wonderful added to your dough when making bread.  I tend to make a large batch and then store in clean recycled jam jars. These quantities are just a guide so you can adjust to your taste if you like chilli maybe add some dried chilli flakes. There are no real rules to Dukkah, every Egyptian family will have their own take on it so you can’t really go wrong, play around with it and you will soon find what works for you.

Half a cup each of:



Pistachio Nuts

Hemp Seeds

Sunflower seeds

2 Tblsp Coriander seeds

1 Tblsp of Cumin seeds

2 tsp teaspoon Linseeds

2 tsp each White and black sesame seeds

1 Tblsp Poppy seeds

1/2 tsp Flaked sea salt

few grinds of Pepper

1 tsp Ground cinnamon

1 tsp Sweet paprika

In a dry pan gently toast the first 9 ingredients, moving the pan all the time ensuring they don’t burn.  Once you start to smell the spices cooking remove from heat and leave to cool.  Once cooled pulse them in a coffee grinder (or bash them with a mortar and pestle).  You want them to still be quite coarse.  When you are happy with the mix then add the second group of ingredients and stir to mix.  Taste and adjust your seasoning.  Store in airtight jars. I tend to make a batch every 4 weeks or so although at the moment I am addicted to Dukkah on hot buttered toast so getting through it at quite a rate. Incidentally  this tasty breakfast toast topping also seems to be amazing for hangovers, must be something to do with all those wonderful nuts, seeds and spices!

Finished Dukkah

6 thoughts on “Super Dukkah

  1. Anonymous says:

    I first came across dukkah in Australia. locwly place to eat, the most amazing sunset as we drankicy cold white wine, the witress bought a platter with good bread,and small bowls of oilve oil, balsamic vinegar and dukkar.heaven….I can still savour the moment….

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