The EDL march through Leicester

On Saturday the English Defence League came to Leicester, they hired coaches and came by train.  They were not wanted, but its all good as we had The Force on our side…

Using the Force for a peaceful day in Leicester

2200 police officers were in Leicester yesterday.

This guy was making balloon creations and handing them out around the Clock Tower

They screamed "who are ya?" repeatedly as they marched past us, someone should point out that the correct English is "you"

Police moving to block another road and one of the many ridiculous signs the EDL littered the city with

A bus heading for Southsea takes a wrong turn and is met with an unexpected sight.

2 thoughts on “The EDL march through Leicester

  1. pundles says:

    That’s a great opening shot! Good to see a food blog rooted in contemporary politics, EDL are not wanted full stop. We had them visit Bradford on more than one occasion, I think they appreciate they’re not welcome.

    Loved the last wild boar post too!

  2. HazyP says:

    Thankyou 🙂 Luckily the day passed pretty peacefully and the police were fantastic. I can’t recommend wild boar enough, such a deep flavour, it fed us for a week!

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